Smith Solutions is a full-service development and community development consultancy that helps CDCs, non-profits, and small businesses scale their development operations while providing the value of a six-figure salaried real estate development professional.

Smith Solutions offers a variety of real estate development services, including:



  • Opportunity Analysis – Whether you are considering a single- or scattered-site project, Smith Solutions can assist by providing an opportunity analysis.  We will assess a number of factors, including zoning, flood plain, and site conditions to evaluate project viability, weigh funding sources, and recommend an acquisition strategy.
  • Planning – Specializing in community and neighborhood redevelopment, Smith Solutions will work with your organization to develop an actionable plan, helping you reach your goals and increase investment within a community.


  • Building Development Teams – Smith Solutions can assess your project and make recommendations to fill gaps.  Need to issue a Request for Proposal? We will guide you through the process, from creating a decision-making matrix, drafting and circulating the document, and walking your organization through the selection.  
  • Funding Applications – With experience in public and private partnerships, Smith Solutions can help fill financing gaps.  Whether you need tax credits, loans, grants, or incentives, let us assist as you fill your capital stack.
  • Petitions – Let us manage your petition process with your local unit of government.  We will make application, meet public notice requirements, and attend hearings on your behalf.  


  • Project Management/Owner’s Representation -Smith Solutions represents the interests of their non-profit clients in real estate and development transactions.  This includes schedule and budget management, change order management, construction site visits, and regular reporting to ensure the project is meeting organizational benchmarks.
  • Compliance and Long-Term SOPs – As you wrap up a project, Smith Solutions can help memorialize the ongoing compliance requirements based on your unique capital stack.  This includes a schedule of reporting, process documentation, and training.

We Build & Foster Successful Teams

Project teams can be complex. Smith Solutions can help design, assemble, and oversee a winning team for your project.

Smith Solutions
Plan, execute, and deliver on your next real estate project.